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I can help you in various areas, I resume below the main activities and services.

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What are the services offered by a marketing consultant?
I think it is important to distinguish first of all who needs what.

☛  If you’re a professional, you’ll probably need a more “operational and tactical” approach to marketing that captures the need for time savings and 360° support across your entire business.

☛  If you are a marketing manager, managing director or owner of a medium-sized to large company, the aspect of marketing consultancy can be more limited and targeted to certain activities and will have to be integrated into the company’s organization.

Marketing Services for Companies

If you manage a small-medium company and you are super good at your business but you feel the threat of competitors and you probably do not understand how others do to have different and better insights or achieve desired results.
You can’t afford a marketing department with a large and dedicated staff.

Whether it’s communication, trade fairs, advertising or ideas to distribute your products or services or you want to improve the relationship with your customers or acquire new ones.
I can help you!

Marketing Services for Ceramic Industries

I was born and raised in Sassuolo, home of the largest and most important industrial groups in the ceramic sector, and I worked for 10 years for one of them as marketing manager, digital specialist, brand & product manager.
If the subject concerning marketing and sales related to ceramics and tiles, I can probably help you.
Buyer g.d.o
Resale of tiles
Italian and Foreign Ceramic Companies.
Click and find out how I can help you.

Marketing Services for Professionals

Contrary to what you might think, marketing, in particular digital marketing, offers many possibilities to all professionals, who despite having a local dimension of their work, can fully exploit the strategies and potential of digital. This section is dedicated to all professionals.
Marketing for lawyers, Marketing for accountants
Marketing for Craftsmen, Marketing for freelancers.
Marketing for Healers, Marketing for Designers
Marketing for Architects

Marketing Services for Merchants-Sellers

If you have a shop you will have heard yourself say a thousand times “make a site and sell it online”, you probably tried with eBay.
The truth is probably that a site alone will not be enough, maybe you have one and is not giving the expected results. The question is simple: it’s like having a car without fuel, of course it will never start.
This section is dedicated to marketing for shops and commercials.
The first business plan I made for a small store carries date 2007, today is the market leader in its segment with an excellent eCommerce.
Do you want to talk about it with me?